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Counsellor, psychic medium, author, mother. .... All that aside, without the labels we use to define ourselves ....  I'm flesh and blood like everybody else, and I've a story to share.  My personal story has been the driving force behind my journey to growth, healing and understanding. 


After 30 emotionally abusive years together, my husband and I called it quits on our marriage. The separation triggered a deep need in me to investigate the role I played in attracting unhappiness into my life, and making the choice to abandon my own needs for so long. If I was ever to invite love into my life again, I needed to ensure that all the baggage I’d accumulated was unpacked, acknowledged, understood, and healed.


Armed with a psychology degree, and faith in my spirit team, I unpacked years of limiting self-beliefs and emotional trauma that had originated in my childhood, and throughout my adult life. What a blessing the separation turned out to be! Emerging on the other side of pain, I began embracing the lost part of myself , and moved more fully into unconditional love for self, and others. The deep levels of healing that I undertook, held me strong when I was later diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, then nursed my ex-husband until he passed away after his own diagnosis with cancer. 


And now, I want to help you walk a path to healing and wholeness, so that you too can begin to love yourself. So that you too can attract the kind of love you desire to experience from others.


  • 1997 Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology)

  • 1998 Certified Art Therapist

  • 1998 Certified Sandplay Therapist

  • 2000 Certified Emotional Release Counselling

  • 2003 Clinical Hypnotherapy (Induction)

Work Experience

  • 1997 - Current Counselling Practice

  • 2015 Community Engagement Facilitator (Aust Catholic University)

  • Middle management & administration (varied positions)

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