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From Shadows to Light

a self-help memoir by Ros McMaster

Front cover Ros McMaster self-help memoir titles From Shadows to Light
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A story of triumph over tragedy that will inspire you to move from blame to accountability. From victim to victorious. 

Australian born psychic medium and counsellor Ros McMaster's memoir came about after a series of tragic life events forced her to question the relationships around her, none more so than the relationship she had with herself. At the age of 54, her 30-year marriage to Andrew ends, leaving her to deal with years of suppressed anger. One year later, she is diagnosed with a rare form of stage four bowel cancer. The very next year her karmic journey with Andrew comes to a head after he too is diagnosed with cancer and passes away - 5 weeks after his diagnosis.


With her background in psychology, she becomes both counsellor and client in this deep psychoanalysis of her entire life. Exposing and understanding her shadows, and Andrews', which are rooted in a complex web of co-dependence, addictions, deep-seated fear of abandonment, and a lack of self-worth. Ros takes the reader with her as she begins healing the past and taking responsibility for the role she played in her years of unhappiness.

Andrew's personality, and the motives for his behaviour, are clearly revealed, ensuring he does not escape accountability, while also giving him a 'voice' through the loving impressions of his children in their moments of grief.


Ros’s writing appeals to both the emotions and psyche in a compelling and cohesive story taking the reader on a transformational journey to letting go of past conditioning, false beliefs, self-doubt, and fear, giving thought-provoking tips and tools for beginning your own journey to healing. 

Chapter 1

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What Readers are Saying

Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd ® London:

Having read all the reports and taken note of the Editors’ opinions we have unanimously decided your work is of outstanding quality. In terms of writing style, this is an elegantly constructed piece of work; possessing an innate ability to grip the reader thanks to the depth and detail of the story you tell. With regards to the story, its hard-hitting and heartfelt nature is sure to resonate with a wide variety of people and it is truly admirable to see how well you have documented events. The Board were quick to identify and highlight your immense attention to detail, enabling the work to shine. This book is sure to attract a wide and varied readership. As such, we are pleased to offer a publishing agreement for your review.

Cate Shaw -(Jaz Singer/Actor ) - “I was hooked from the first paragraph … soul-baring, insightful and enlightening. I found myself shedding tears, and feeling empowered by the many words of wisdom shared throughout.” 

Judith Rooney (editor & author) - “It was a blessing to read this remarkable story, including the author’s young adult children’s observations. The self-help chapters at the end of this book were a delightful surprise, offering tools to summon courage, find forgiveness, and develop self-worth.”

Dr Ron Fitzgerald (Author. Retired) - This book is “Superb” - from the cover and the presentation. I’ve only read the first chapters and already felt it a book that would help everyone, men and women, everywhere.

Janet - A palpable growing sense of personal aliveness and strength is what compelled me to read this book in almost one sitting.

Ros has written about her journey honestly and frankly. Her life unfolds as layers of self-expectations, expectations of others and unhealthy influences finally take their toll on her entire being.

She navigates the BIG “C” medically and spiritually with insights and humour. I came along for the ride and sensed how transformative it was for her.

Her journey is an inspiration and the reader has the bonus of her insights in the Self-Help Chapters at the end of the book.

Ros’ story is mirrored in many women’s lives, including my own. There does come a time in a woman’s life when she cannot ignore the need to review the past, assess the present and be honest about living a life with her own core values at its centre.


Loren (Town planner) - Deeply personal, uniquely inspiring and motivational.  I strongly recommend for anyone who feels they are suffering and wants to learn about the world of self-awakening and knowledge.


Stacey (Graphic Designer) - An honest and raw insight into Ros’s life and her journey. Captivating reading with some powerful lessons. Enjoyed reading this memoir thoroughly and commend Ros on being so bravely open as a means to help others going through a similar journey.

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