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Ros and Guests Deal With Grief and Loss 

Ros McMaster guest podcast appearance on

Ambiguous Grief and Loss in the Face of Mental Illness

Julia Quine - Bach Arts & Journalism, PHD Education. 

Julia shares the story of losing her father through Ambiguous Loss - a state whereby people are physically present but psychologically absent.  They are ‘Here, but not here.’  As in Julia's case, ambiguous loss related to her father's gradual decline into mental illness. Julia discusses openly how she is making sense of and coping with her grief.  Filled with wonderful insights.

Stacey Noyes (McMaster) and her mother Ros McMaster talk about staceys journey through grief after her fathers death

Supporting a Friend Through Their Grief and Loss

Stacey  McMaster - Graphic Designer

Helping someone who is grieving seems to be the biggest challenge for most of us. What to say? How to act?  In this episode on Grief, Counsellor and psychic medium Ros McMaster and her daughter Stacey discuss Stacey's experience dealing with her grief and the reactions of people around her.   Specifically, she offers tips regarding what she needed most from others to help her feel supported and less alone.   This podcast is filled with spiritual guidance and self-help tools.

stacey noyes shares her trauma of grief and what she needed from others

Grieving The Loss of a Parent

Stacey  McMaster - Graphic Designer

Stacey discusses her experience dealing with her grief after the passing of her father Andrew. 

Searching the internet for help, she was left feeling more alone than ever. During the day, life continued as normal, but in the evenings, in private, her grief got the best of her. Stacey offers insights into the emotions she experienced, and tools that helped her cope along the way. 

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