Loss can occur at any time.......

  • Breakup or divorce

  • Job loss:

  • Death of a loved one:

  • Terminal illness diagnosis:

  • A Lost childhood

And with loss comes an inevitable sense of grief.  At any stage in the journey through your sense of loss, you may need support to cope with:-

Pain and guilt




Through a grief and loss session with Ros

  1. You can begin to put pieces of your life back together and carry forward.

  2. You can gradually reach the stage of acceptance and hope. This is a very gradual acceptance of the new way of life and a feeling of hope for the future.

Stages of Grief

  1. Shock and denial. This is a state of disbelief and numbed feelings.

  2. Pain and guilt. You may feel that the loss is unbearable and that you’re making other people’s lives harder because of your feelings and needs.

  3. Anger and bargaining. You may lash out, telling God or a higher power that you’ll do anything they ask if they’ll only grant you relief from these feelings.

  4. Depression. This may be a period of isolation and loneliness during which you process and reflect on the loss.

  5. The upward turn. At this point, the stages of grief like anger and pain have died down, and you’re left in a more calm and relaxed state.

Grief & Loss Counselling

Counselling Fees AUD  $ 150

- Up to 60mins per session

- Must be paid in advance

-  All sessions are currently

via  Zoom  


You will be emailed

* a Paypal invoice (to be paid 24hrs prior to your booking).

* Upon receipt of payment, you'll be sent a Zoom link

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