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Ironing out the Wrinkles Podcast

Season 1
With Ros McMaster & Cate Shaw


Taking the 'ism' out of aging and helping men and women over 50 embrace the second stage of life with less fear.

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28 February 2023

Ep1 Ros McMaster & Cate Shaw

Podcasts Hosts

Get to know Ros & Cate and the driving force behind Ironing Out the Wrinkles

21 March 2023

Ep4 Terry Tucker

Motivational Speaker and Author.

From Discomfort to Resilience Using the 4 Truths & 3 F's

11 April 2023

Ep7 Kasia Rachfall

Energy Magician and Akashic Records Teacher

7 Windows of Ageing Through Soul Agreements and the Alchemy of Numbers

2 May 2023

Ep10 Lachlan Green


Empowering Us to Age with Less Fear in the Face of Ageism

23 May 2023

Ep13 Mitchell Quine


Managing Age-Related Hearing Loss and Realistic Expectations Regarding Hearing

13 June 2023

Ep16 Kay McGrath

Journalist and social campaigner

"Reframing Aging: Award-winning Journalist Kay McGrath on Living Longer and Better"

4 July 2023

Ep19 Kim Dunlop

The Dating Doctor

Dating Again After 50: Navigating the Modern Dating Landscape with Confidence and Clarity with Kim Dunlop the dating Doctor

25 July 2023

Ep22 Rachael Ooi

Principal Adviser Your Wealth Consultants

"Securing a Comfortable Retirement Lifestyle: Expert Financial Tips and Retirement Myth-Busting with Rachael Ooi"

15 August 2023

Ep25 Christine Luck

Aboriginal woman with ancestral ties to Bundaberg, St George and Prussia

Learning from Aboriginal Culture: The Importance of Elders and Community with Christine Luck

5 September 2023

Ep28 Suzanne Linkroum


Stop Enabling Your Adult Children - Understand Healthy Boundaries

26 September 2023

Ep31 Susan Turk Charles 

Professor of Psychological Science

"SAVI: A Model for Emotional Well-Being in Adulthood"

17 October 2023

Ep34 Dr Chris Gillespie 

Colorectal Surgeon

Understanding Pelvic Floor Dysfunction - incontinence, constipation, and defecatory difficulties

7 November 2023

Ep37 Stacey McCray

Personal Story

Stacey McCray - Starting Again, choosing joy, self-care, community building, dating, and aging.

7 March 2023

Ep2 Dr Ann Moir Bussy

Psychologist & Life Coach

5 simple secrets to embracing mid-life and beyond.

28 March 2023

Ep5 Maggie Shambrook,

Founding member HOW (Housing Older Women)

Homeless Older Women - Systemic Issues & Solutions

18 April 2023

Ep8 Shama Persson

Founder Golden Age Models

Taking on agism in the modeling world

9 May 2023

Ep11 Dr Jane Offor

Sexual Medicine Specialist & GP

Age-related sexual dysfunction and re-igniting the sexual spark

30 May 2023

Ep14 Rachel Quigley

Senior Research Fellow (JCU)

"Aging Well in Indigenous Communities: The Importance of Holistic Research and Community-Led Initiatives with Rachel Quigley"

20 June 2023

Ep17 Nikki Lovell - Gather My Crew

Chief Executive Officer

"Gather My Crew: Helping People to Help People During Tough Times"

11 July 2023

Ep20 Mark Maiden

Franchisee - Brisbane Driving Miss Daisy

"Driving Miss Daisy: Providing Transportation and Support for the Elderly"

1 August 2023

Ep23 Steve Fiksdal

Founder Strengths Base Process

Crafting a Fulfilling Retirement using Your Innate Strengths: Exploring the Fiksdal Strengths Process with Steve Fiksdal

22 August 2023

Ep26 Pauline Field

Coach 4 Women

Retirement Reality Check .... The Reality of Retiring Without a Plan

12 September 2023

Ep29 Lee Heath

Trauma Nurse & Counsellor

Moving Towards Healing: Tools for Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

3 October 2023

Ep32 Sergeant Kimberley Richter

Crime Prevention Co-ordinator

Crime Prevention and Elder Abuse: Tips for Seniors to Stay Safe

24 October 2023

Ep35 Ashton Applewhite.

Ageism Activist & Author

What is Ageism and Why Should We Care

21 November 2023

Ep 38 Ven. Lozang Tsultrim (Australian Buddhist Nun)

Karuna Hospice Counsellor & Podcast Host "Let's Talk About Death"

Embracing Impermanence: A Buddhist Approach to Dying Well

14 March 2023

Ep3 Nourish Coaches

Health and Wellness Coaches

5 Foundations of Healthy Aging - food, quality sleep, movement, growth mindset, & connection

4 April 2023

Ep6 Peter Wertheim & Janine Quine

Partners in Crime

Personal Story Shared. The Truth of it all.

25 April 2023

Ep9 Rowena Clayton

Clinical Nurse and dermal therapist

Addressing Ageism Stereotypes and Common Myths in the Cosmetic Enhancement Industry (Botox)

16 May 2023

Ep12 Dr Ron Fitzgerald

93yrs Young (Cate's Father)

3 Secrets to Ageing Well ... Love Yourself, Spread Kindness, Compassion

6 June 2023

Ep15 Kieran Hoare - Merthyr Law


"The Importance of Estate Planning: Protecting Your Assets and Loved Ones with Kieran Hoare of Merthyr Law (Wills, Probate, Elder Abuse, POA)

27 June 2023

Ep18 Rob Gerrand


"It's Not Over.... It's Just Beginning" - Finding Your Passion in the Second Half of Life

18 July 2023

Ep21 Dr Nikki-Ann Wilson

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Understanding Dementia: What It Is and What We Can Do About It

8 August 2023

Ep24 Marg Buckley (Brown)

Personal Story - Retired Palliative Care Nurse

"Embracing Retirement: A Personal Story of Leaving Palliative Care and Living Life to the Fullest with Marg Buckley"

29 August 2023

Ep27 Jade Cassar

Pilates Instructor (Power By Pilates)

The Importance of Pilates and Stretching for Older Adults: A Discussion with Pilates

19 September 2023

Ep30 Gena Alston

Author and Psychic Medium.

Spirituality and the Coming of Age

10 October 2023

Ep33 Dr Daniel Harvie

Pain Scientist and Lecturer in Physiotherapy

Pain and Perception: A closer look at why we hurt

31 October 2023

Ep36 The Mens Shed with Stephen Look

Secretary - Carina Mens Shed

Secret Mens Business at the Mens Shed

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