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Meet Your Hosts
Ros McMaster
&  Cate Shaw

Dedication. Expertise. Shared Experience Passion.


“Age is nothing. Waking up is everything.” - Maya Angelou

Ros and Cate see themselves as Brisbane's Grace and Frankie. Ros is loud, washes her face with soap, shops at lifeline.

Cate, by contrast, is quietly spoken, always immaculate, favours botox and beauty routines. One newly single, the other in a committed marriage. All up, this means that wherever you are on the 'getting older' spectrum, you can guarantee they "get it"!

What they have in common is their desire to keep growing and challenging their fears, and yours, around the concept of getting older. Everything's better when you're doing it together. 


Ros McMaster

Counselor. Author. Inspirational Speaker. Spiritual Healer

Corporate hippy. Sociable introvert.  That’s how my bio reads on dating apps. Yes, I’m ‘there’.  Married for 30yrs, at 54 I found myself navigating the single scene again. Only this time, instead of the exuberance of my lost youth, I was putting myself out there with wrinkles, arthritic hips, and a lifetime of heartache that weighed me down. I also developed a good dose of stage 4 bowel cancer. The universe clearly had plans for me.


These life-changing transitional events gave me an opportunity to use my psychology degree and experience as a counselor to analyze my own life. You might say I unpacked my luggage and got myself a new set - the lightweight variety.  I ended up publishing a self-help memoir about it!


I'm reinventing myself every day… shedding fear and doubt… replacing them with an unshakable zest for life. That's the joy of healing the past and taking its wisdom into the future ... The best is yet to come!

Ros holds a psychology degree and runs a private counseling practice. She supports individuals who are experiencing grief & loss, and men and women who seek to develop better relationships with themselves​. She is also a spiritual healer and psychic medium. 

To read Ros's full bio or purchase her self-help memoir, click here:  From Shadows to Light


Cate Shaw

Singer. Actor. 

Married for 48yrs,  Brisbane vocalist & actor, Cate Shaw's singing talent masters a fresh combination of Latin style, a serving of contemporary, a little jazz and a pinch of blues. A lifetime in the entertainment industry gives Cate a firsthand experience of ageism at its worst .... and best.

Along with a stellar singing career, Cate has also worked in the field of Cosmetic surgery  .... assisting cancer patients find some reassurance and comfort before and after surgery. She knows a thing or two about it, being a breast cancer survivor herself.

The only time the word 'down' enters her speech is to talk about 'downsizing' the home she's lived in for decades..... and there's a lot of emotions attached to that to be sure. 

During her singing career, Cate also donated her time and talent at fundraising events that support homelessness.

Cate is currently available for modeling, acting, singing, and voiceover work.

She can be contacted via emails for details.

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