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Podcast - Guest Appearances

As a guest on others' podcasts, together the hosts and I will show you a path to personal power through sharing inspirational stories of triumph over tragedy and the eternal search for a greater connection to self & spirit.  Using my psychology background, intuitive gifts, and my own journey with cancer, divorce, and the death of a loved one, you'll find hope and healing on your path to living free and fearless!


Embracing Gratitude & Finding Miracles

Whisper and Bricks with Ari Schonbrun

November 15th 2022

Ari Schonbrun was on the 78th floor of the World Trade Center when the first plane hit the tower. Lucky to survive, Ari's world turned upside down.... until he discovered the blessings that were held within this most tragic of events.


From this began “Whispers & Bricks”, a Podcast about how we make life decisions. Paying attention to the “whispers” as they can lead us in exactly the right direction at exactly the right moment. Or by ignoring the “whispers”, you might get hit with a brick instead! We all go through periods in our lives where everything feels like it is blowing apart.


Together with Ari, myself, and many other guests, share our stories of the 'whispers and bricks' that changed our lives.


Understanding and Learning to Love Yourself

Stay Outstanding with Gavin Scott

November 5th 2022

Gavin and I discuss what it means to have a positive mindset, the importance of setting boundaries, and how we can move into being more authentic and develop self-love.


Gavin Scott created the Stay Outstanding Podcast to encourage meaningful discussions about self-improvement, business, and success. He invites like-minded people and successful personalities who are true inspirations in their own fields to share their stories, delivering biweekly inspiration needed for you to spur into action and stay outstanding.

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Stage 4 Bowel Cancer, HIPEC Surgery, & Finding the Gifts of Cancer

Cancer Culture with Jacqueline Cowan

December 5 2022

Cancer Culture is a New Australian Podcast, created by Jacqueline Cowan. Jacqueline was enjoying university with her whole life ahead of her when she was diagnosed with cancer.


Now cancer free, it was from this experience that Cancer Culture podcast came to fruition. Focusing on the journeys and hardships related to Illness, Jacqueline hopes to act as a resource to help those enduring trying times associated with Cancer.


Previously a radio broadcaster with 4zzz Brisbane, Jacqueline is now hosting breakfast radio in Sth Australia, while launching her podcast.

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How to Step into Your Power - Grief and Loss in the Face of Forgiveness & and Unhealed Past

Spiritual Life Management with Gretchen Smith

April 5, 2022
Join Gretchen Smith and I, as we discuss moving beyond blame and into forgiveness while navigating a healing path through grief and loss.  Spiritual Life Management Podcast with Gretchen Smith, is a thought-provoking show for people looking to live life to their highest and fullest potential.


Stepping into Your Best Life in spite of Adversity

Self-Discovery Media with Sarah Troy

March 8th 2022
Sara and I discuss the path to emotional healing through self-awareness and finding the blessings that abound through adversity.
Self-Discovery media with Sara Troy is bringing you the individuals who have embraced their redirect and are now living a life of authenticity and meaningful purpose and living their life’s desires. Every one of her guests have embraced their own personal journey and now wish to help liberate others into traveling truly on their own life’s path.

From Shadows to Light Podcast by Ros


Ambiguous Grief and Loss in the Face of Mental Illness

Julia Quine - Bach Arts & Journalism, PHD Education. 

Julia shares the story of losing her father through Ambiguous Loss - a state whereby people are physically present but psychologically absent.  They are ‘Here, but not here.’  As in Julia's case, ambiguous loss related to her father's gradual decline into mental illness. Julia discusses openly how she is making sense of and coping with her grief.  Filled with wonderful insights.


Supporting a Friend Through Their Grief and Loss

Stacey  McMaster - Graphic Designer

Helping someone who is grieving seems to be the biggest challenge for most of us. What to say? How to act?  In this episode on Grief, Counsellor and psychic medium Ros McMaster and her daughter Stacey discuss Stacey's experience dealing with her grief and the reactions of people around her.   Specifically, she offers tips regarding what she needed most from others to help her feel supported and less alone.   This podcast is filled with spiritual guidance and self-help tools.

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Grieving The Loss of a Parent

Stacey  McMaster - Graphic Designer

Stacey discusses her experience dealing with her grief after the passing of her father Andrew. 

Searching the internet for help, she was left feeling more alone than ever. During the day, life continued as normal, but in the evenings, in private, her grief got the best of her. Stacey offers insights into the emotions she experienced, and tools that helped her cope along the way. 

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