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Read Reviews for Ros McMaster Counsellor, healer, Author, Podcaster Ironing Out the Wrinkles


I am delighted to recommend Roslyn, she has been a wonderful inspiration & has empowered me to find my vocation. Roslyn was a major contributor to my accessing a chance to return to University. She has compassion & fervour to help anyone, encouraging them to become the best person they can be.

I just came away from my session with Ros and am extremely happy. I've been going through some very difficult times with personal issues and Ros gave me great insight on how to better navigate them. I now feel empowered with the best steps to take on my journey of healing. I feel like God, my spirit guides and angels put her directly in my path at the time I needed this most! Karen Leach Zaleski

I'm so glad I had a session with Ros, even if at times it was difficult to hear the truth.  I felt very supported and not judged in any way.  She has a gift for sure.   Thanks again Ros.  Highly recommended.   - Leoni

Ros McMaster has a genuine, psychic ability which is coupled with a deep spiritual belief. Whilst joining her in mediumship development circles over many years, I have been impressed by the accuracy of readings, and messages always delivered with compassion, validation and guidance.  Ros displays an exceptional gift. 

Ros is a skilled regression therapist and a natural intuitive. She has increased my awareness and I really feel that her insight has guided to make positive changes.  She made me feel at ease and I really feel that she helped me to understand some complex issues and has helped provide me with direction to move ahead with my life.  I now feel much more in control of my emotions around different issues.  - Kathleen

Roslyn is a wonderful example of human kindness.  Her calmness and sincerity lifted me from where I was two years ago... such an incredibly caring & professionally empowering person . Roslyn would be a perfect asset to any person that requires such a kind & empowering mentor.  - Sarah 


I need to send gratitude to Ros McMaster, who not only helped me with my webpage, but gave me the time and space to really listen to what I needed. Ros, who specialises in Emotional Healing and Guidance, was able to tune into me and was spot on as to the direction of my business. I have no hesitation in recommending her. -Mary

My family and work colleagues have experienced comfort, guidance and gratitude after consultations with Ros.  Ros has survived some of life’s biggest challenges. She has ‘walked the walk” so to speak, and touches everyone with her warmth, sincerity and kindness. - Cate

After reading your article in the latest Holistic Bliss magazine, I felt the urge to reach out and say hi! I am a psychic medium too and I have had a journey of a number of big wake up calls and adversities that have taken me near death.  I loved reading your article and your heartfelt words resonated with me. You are an authentic and beautiful soul who helps so many .    - Amanda

“I always gain something from reading these blogs. Ros always manages to get to the heart of an issue and balance depth of emotion with practicality - meaning the advice and wisdom in her writing feels accessible and  totally embraceable.”  -Julia

Have found podcasts very engaging and informative as Ros and her daughter talk about grief and loss in a very conversational and honest way.  It has been helpful in understanding what a grieving person is most likely experiencing.  Ros's podcasts, and blogs, are raw honest stories explaining her experience of loss, relationship breakdowns, mental health etc. and how she dealt with it.  Highly recommend it. - Janine 

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