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Ep11 Dr Jane Offor

Sexual Medicine Specialist & GP

Menopausal changes;  Vaginismus;  Decreased sex drive; Erectile dysfunction; Decreased libido .........And moUnderstanding Age-Related Sexual Dysfunction and Solutions with Sexual Medicine Specialist Dr. Jane Offor

In this episode, we dive into a topic that can be difficult for some to talk about sexual dysfunction. As we age, menopausal changes, erectile dysfunction, and decreased libido become more common. These issues can negatively impact our emotional and physical intimacy and even our relationships. But there is good news! There are solutions available for many age-related sexual dysfunction issues for both men and women.

Joining us to help us understand all things age-related in the area of sexual dysfunction and what we can do about it, is Dr. Jane Offor. Dr. Jane is an experienced and skilled GP and specialist Sexual Medicine practitioner. She believes that our sexuality is a central part of our sense of who we are and aims to help everyone find pleasure and satisfaction, regardless of their gender or sexual identity.

In this episode, we discuss common age-related sexual dysfunction issues, the effects of sexual dysfunction on relationships, the dangers of pornography, dating again later in life, and finding solutions. Dr. Jane emphasizes the importance of listening and taking time with patients to properly diagnose, assess, and treat all aspects relating to sexuality and menopause. She doesn't just focus on managing the immediate symptoms, but also on managing longer-term midlife health…. Yes, today we’re talking about the “S” word… and I don’t mean senility.  S is for sexual … sexual dysfunction more specifically! Throughout our lives, sexuality is an important component of emotional and physical intimacy.  Many people in their 70s and 80s are not only sexually active but generally satisfied with their sex lives and express their interest in maintaining sexual activity.  But ….. yes there’s a catch…. getting older also means increasing the likelihood of encountering problems that put a dampener on sex. In fact, about a third of the elderly population has at least one complaint with their sexual functioning.  

With many of us older men and women approaching the second half of life as “newly single”…. the presence of sexual dysfunction can be somewhat troublesome when wanting to embark on new relationships. The good news is there are solutions to many age-related sexual dysfunction issues for men and women.  Joining us today to help us understand all things age-related in the area of sexual dysfunction and what we can do about it, is Dr. Jane Offor.  

Ep11 Dr Jane Offor
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