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Ep12 Dr Ron Fitzgerald

93yrs Young (Cate's Father)

Besides the innumerable physical challenges that come with aging, there are also inner emotional and psychological changes - some which increase and some which appear that have never been there before. These particular emotional psychological changes appear as social support networks change… particularly if you are forced to leave your home or community to go into aged care…. Bringing with it states of Loneliness Despair Depression feelings of abandonment, loss of dignity, and so on…. While today's guest still enjoys quality independent living, at the age of 94, Dr Ron Fitzgerald says that many years of retirement have provided him the opportunity to frequently review his thoughts on a range of relevant issues arising in the rapidly expanding field of aged care. On this matter, he says with utter conviction “Let the vigorous exchange of positive ideas begin and continue. I look forward to the challenge”. Today it is an honor to be joined by someone who refuses to be defined by a number. But we’ll give him a number anyway….. !!! At 93 and a half years young, Dr. Ron Fitzgerald continues to live a very active, full, and inspiring life. He still drives, has a weekly personal trainer, and is secretary of a community group. Ron has always appreciated the importance of good nutrition, continual learning, and the embracing of new ideas….. and he readily welcomes opportunities to interact with people of every generation. Ron also happens to be Cate’s father (or my father). Father of 6, grandfather of 14, and great-grandfather of 18, Dr Ron Fitzgerald has a PhD in History and Sociology. Was the Churchill Scholarship winner in 1972 which involved his studying worldwide on the topic of “Different Approaches to Secondary Education for Older Adolescents”. 

Retired in 1994 from the post of Director of the Public Policy Research and Development Centre at Deakin University. Previous work included: Dean of General Studies,  Chief Research Officer, and the Commissioner for Education for the National Enquiry into Poverty based in ACT Parliament House.. Books written by Ron are - “Printers of Melbourne”, “Poverty and Education in Australia”, and “Through a Rear Vision Mirror” change and education in Australia.

Ep12 Dr Ron Fitzgerald
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