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Ep13 Mitchell Quine


Audiologist Mitchell Quine - Understand Age-Related Hearing Loss & How to Manage Properly, Realistic Expectations Regarding Hearing Aids

Around 54% of Australians aged between 61 and 70 experience some form of hearing loss, increasing to 74% in people aged 71 and over.  In most cases, this happens naturally. Like the rest of the body, the delicate structures of the inner ear start to break down in later life after a lifetime of use.  ….. so if you’re shouting to be heard, or you’re the one being shouted ‘at’, stick around ….. Audiologist Mitchel Quine, is kindly taking time out of a very busy schedule to address all things to do with hearing loss .  Mitchell completed a Master of Clinical Audiology from Macquarie University, Sydney, where he was also awarded Vice Chancellor's Commendation for Academic Excellence. He started his career in a joint diagnostic and rehabilitative role, working directly with a number of Ear, Nose and Throat specialists, along with the wider medical community. Now, as the owner of 2 north Brisbane Specsavers Audiology stores - Brookside (Mitchelton) and Strathpine….. his focus is on adult rehabilitation.  


  1. who’s a candidate for hearing issues in the over 50-100 age group (is there something people do when they’re younger that leads to trouble with hearing in older age), 

  2. why age is a defining factor in hearing loss 

  3. what can be done about it (new technologies in aids) 

  4. what indicators are there that someone needs to seek an audiologist (many people spend to long in denial and blaming others for speech defects) AND how can we convince someone that it time to see an audiologist 

  5. you told me a story of preferring clients to come with a “buddy” to an appointment… can you explain this? 

  6. what do ‘hearing’ people need to do to support those with hearing problems ….. ie: Talk louder or softer? Talk slowly? etc 

Ep13 Mitchell Quine
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