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Ep15 Kieran Hoare - Merthyr Law


The Importance of Estate Planning: Why You Need a Will, Executor, and More

Description: Estate planning is often a topic people avoid because it deals with death and dying. However, having a plan in place is essential to ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes and your loved ones are taken care of. In this episode, Kieran Hoare, Principal of Merthyr Law, discusses the importance of estate planning, including having a will, selecting an executor, understanding probate, protecting assets, and more. He also debunks common myths and addresses important topics such as de facto entitlements, testamentary trusts, beneficiaries, and elder abuse. Tune in to learn dos and don'ts for selecting an executor, how to protect your assets, and what constitutes undue influence. Listeners will come away with a better understanding of estate planning and its benefits, as well as practical advice for creating an effective plan. By having a plan in place, they can ensure their assets are protected and their loved ones are taken care of in the event of their passing.

Show Notes:

  • Introduction to Kieran Hoare and Merthyr Law

  • Why estate planning is essential

  • Common myths about estate planning

  • Understanding de facto entitlements

  • Testamentary trusts and how they work

  • Selecting an executor and important dos and don'ts

  • Beneficiaries and what to consider

  • Addressing elder abuse and undue influence

  • The importance of regularly updating your estate plan

Ep15 Kieran Hoare - Merthyr Law
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