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Ep16 Kay McGrath

Journalist and social campaigner

Reframing Aging: Journalist Kay McGrath on Gracefully Growing Older

In this episode, we speak with award-winning journalist and social campaigner Kay McGrath. Having spent years in the media spotlight, Kay is now keenly interested in the challenges of gracefully getting older and has joined the movement to reframe aging. In her own words, Kay shares that "We're living longer, healthier lives in Queensland, and it's never too early or late to start thinking about planning for a bright future."

Kay talks about her involvement with community issues around aging, and how it has changed her view of what it means to get older. She shares some unexpected insights she has gained along the way and the tools and secrets she uses to live well as she ages. Kay also talks about her experience with ageism in the industry and how she combats it.

Kay has interviewed Prime Ministers, Governors-General, Premiers, and politicians and has been on the front line of numerous historic events. She has received several awards for her work, including the Qld Clarion Award for 'Most Outstanding Contribution to Journalism,' and the OAM in recognition of her work in media and child protection.

Ep16 Kay McGrath
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