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Ep20 Mark Maiden

Franchisee - Brisbane Driving Miss Daisy

Mark Maiden - Driving Miss Daisy Brisbane Franchisee. "We are family when the family cannot be there".

Getting out and about is so important for senior health and well-being. But lack of transportation is a top unfilled need for older adults. A study published in the Journal of Community Health found that transportation barriers lead to elders

  • Being unable to access exercise facilities

  • Losing opportunities to socialize

  • missing medical appointments,

  • delayed care, and missed or delayed medication use,

“These consequences may lead to poorer management of chronic illness and thus poorer health outcomes.”

So… if you see yourself or your elderly loved ones in these scenarios, we’ve found you the perfect solution. Whether it’s to an appointment or a visit to the shops or simply to catch up with friends, Driving Miss Daisy is going to ensure you get where you need to go. Daisy's motto is “We are family when the family cannot be there”. Today we’re joined by Mark Maiden who’ll tell us everything we know about this wonderful service.

Q1- Where did Driving Miss Daisy start… what are the seeds of its forming

Q2 - Mark, how did you come to be associated with Daisy….what drew you to want to support older citizens with transport?

Q3 - For many adults “Giving Up the Keys” means a loss of freedom of choice and movement. In what ways do you help your clients and their families accept or cope with this new stage of life?

Q4 - What are all the ways in which Driving Miss Daisy assists clients

Q5 - How else are you involved with the client's family and/or caregiver?

Q6 - Are government-funded care packages applicable for this service?

Q7 - How are drivers selected?

Ep20 Mark Maiden
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