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Ep20 Mark Maiden

Franchisee - Brisbane Driving Miss Daisy

"Driving Miss Daisy: Providing Transportation and Support for the Elderly"

Lack of transportation is a top unfilled need for older adults, leading to missed appointments, delayed care, and poorer health outcomes. Driving Miss Daisy, with the motto "We are family when the family cannot be there," is a solution for elderly individuals who require transportation and support. Mark Maiden, the owner of one Driving Miss Daisy Brisbane Franchisee, joins us to discuss the service.

In this episode, Mark shares the roots of Driving Miss Daisy and what drew him to support elderly citizens with transportation. We discuss how the service helps clients accept the loss of freedom associated with giving up driving and the different ways in which Driving Miss Daisy provides assistance. Mark explains how the service supports clients' families and caregivers, and whether government-funded care packages apply to this service. We also discuss how drivers are selected to ensure the safety and comfort of clients.

Ep20 Mark Maiden
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