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Ep23 Steve Fiksdal

Founder Strengths Base Process

Steve Fiksdal Strengths Process - Your most powerful, and overlooked strengths are those that are most natural to you. What are yours and how do you discover them?

For decades we have defined our strengths according to our education, skills, and experiences. But now, having retired, or heading that way, we may have found ourselves wondering how our education and career ‘skill set’ is going to benefit us moving forward when many of us still have a strong desire to continue being viably productive. Well… here’s something you might not know….. your most powerful, and overlooked strengths, tend to be those that are most natural to you. Not those acquired through career skills and education… With the big transitional shifts that come with change as we age, knowing your innate strengths can give you the ability to craft a new direction for yourself.

Today's guest, Steve Fiksdal, says “Each and every one of us is unique in our pattern of strengths”, and today he’s helping you discover your own Pattern Of Strengths - The Strengths You Most Identify With.

About 12 years ago, at the age of 55, Steve Fiksal lost significant vision. For five of those, he was deemed to be legally blind. Although no longer able to continue his real estate career…. Neither could he sit still…. And so after a 34-year Spring Break, in 2016 Steve returned to college to complete his B.S. degree in Organizational Leadership. Today, Steve’s goal is to help people identify their strengths using the Fiksdal Strengths process. He served as President of the Washington Council of the Blind, from 2016 – 2017 and is currently Leadership Committee Chairperson Now, at 67, he’s not giving up any time soon.


Q) Tell us about the diagnosis of blindness and where that journey took you

Q) Explain the Fiksdal Strengths Process

Q) how does knowing our innate strengths change our view of ourselves… what are the deeper benefits

Q) what is the purpose of discovering our core strengths - how will this help us as we navigate a new path beyond retirement

Ep23 Steve Fiksdal
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