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Ep23 Steve Fiksdal

Founder Strengths Base Process

Crafting a Fulfilling Retirement with Your Innate Strengths: Exploring the Fiksdal Strengths Process with Steve Fiksdal

In this episode, we discuss how our innate strengths can give us the ability to craft a new direction for ourselves, especially after retirement. Our guest, Steve Fiksdal, lost significant vision at the age of 55, and after a 34-year spring break, he returned to college to complete his B.S. degree in Organizational Leadership. Today, Steve is helping people identify their strengths using the Fiksdal Strengths process, which is a unique way of discovering your innate strengths. He explains that each and every one of us is unique in our pattern of strengths, and knowing our core strengths can change our view of ourselves and lead to deeper benefits. We delve into the Fiksdal Strengths Process and discuss how discovering our core strengths can help us navigate a new path beyond retirement. We also talk about Steve's journey and how he is currently serving as the Leadership Committee Chairperson for the Washington Council of the Blind. Tune in to discover how you can identify your own pattern of strengths and use them to create a fulfilling and productive post-retirement life.

Ep23 Steve Fiksdal
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