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Ep24 Marg Buckley (Brown)

Personal Story - Retired Palliative Care Nurse

"Embracing Retirement: A Personal Story of Leaving Palliative Care and Living Life to the Fullest with Marg Buckley"

The concept of aging is changing, in that being older is often now considered to be a time for rejuvenation. If one is to look up the word “Rejuvenation”, it means to have a renewed life, time to process, new energy, and add more vigor to something one values. But not everyone is so convinced of that… and getting older is seen as a time of debilitation instead.… And that's why …. every month ….we like to invite a guest to share with us their positive personal story about their journey to being older. Hearing about another person's experiences helps us strengthen, challenge, or change our perceptions, opinions, and values.

Joining us with her personal story today, is our guest, Marg Brown. Aged 73 years, Marg is proof that the researchers got it right! Since retiring from a much-loved position as a community Palliative Care nurse, Marg and her husband of 45 years have been enjoying fantastic adventures traveling the world each year. Marg says: “Life is a book, if you do not travel, you only read one page”.

Organisations Marg is associated with:

⁠Here’s to Life - Health and Wellbeing program⁠

⁠The University of the Third Age⁠

Ep24 Marg Buckley (Brown)
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