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Ep25 Christine Luck

Aboriginal woman with ancestral ties to Bundaberg, St George and Prussia

Many non-Aboriginal families value their elders, but there is also a lot of disconnect where older people are relegated to old people's homes, ignored, and forgotten, and disrespected. Their knowledge, and story, and history, which have so much to give…. means young people are missing out by not connecting to those older generations, and the old people are missing out as well.

By contrast, Aboriginal culture is based on respect…. Respect for the land…. Respect for their elders. Aboriginal elders are viewed as knowledge keepers. They are the cultural authority. They teach, uphold, and keep Aboriginal culture strong. 

It seems we have a lot to learn from Aboriginal culture, and to help us make a start, today we’re joined by iChristine Luck. Christine is an Aboriginal woman with ancestral ties to Bundaberg, St George and Prussia. 

She identifies as a Gurang Gurang woman with strong connections to Baffle Creek in the Port Curtis Coast area. Christine grew up in Jarowar country at Withcott and has lived in Brisbane, in Turrabul country for the past 36 years.



  1. What role do Elders play in community - at a local level and wider community?

  2. What makes an Aboriginal an elder - is there a criteria …. Who decides? (Is there a meeting of past elders to take a vote etc?)

  3. Are elders still held in high regard by the youth of today…. or is it getting harder to install old levels of respect

  4. Are elders using modern techniques to impart wisdom through technology and modern form of music….. are they face competition for the attention of Aboriginal boys and girls who prefer for instance computer games and culture of television and cinemas? For eg:

  5. Is there a special way to address an Indigenous Elder?


  1. How are elderly treated in Aboriginal culture?

  2. How are older family members important to family functioning

  3. What are four important aspects of Aboriginal culture?

  4. How does Spirituality help Aboriginal families cope with challenge

Ep25 Christine Luck
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