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Ep26 Pauline Field

Coach 4 Women

Are you asking yourself…….

When should I retire - now, in a few years, much laterHow many times should I think about retiringHow do I prepare for it - emotionally, financially, physicallyHow do I adapt when I have worked all my lifeWhere do I find meaning

These are Just a few of the issues vying for your attention when you think of quitting your job - for good.  

The many questions and issues can be a minefield, and may paralyze you into not retiring when you can, or being fearful about how you will handle retirement when you do. If this sounds like you, stick around, because todays guest, Pauline Field has an important and much needed message for women who are looking at their pending retirement, and for those already retired.

Pauline is a highly sought-after coach and has the gift of being able to listen to where you are,  where you hope to go, and helping you see the path to get there. Having retired 3 times - from a career in management consulting, from a job as a business manager in a medical research department, and from the nonprofit she started, she has experienced the highs and lows of the "golden years." Pauline says “Many women are just waiting to retire so they can turn off the alarm, play tennis, take care of their grandchildren, travel and relad.  What they don't realize is that it all gets old after a while and they find themselves asking, Now what? Is this it? There's a lot they can do but they haven't yet throught it through - because they didn't know they would face this problem.”

Are you ready to take the steps to make your next phase your best one yet?


  1. Pauline share with us some background on your big career and what lead up to you specialising in helping other women with the transitio

  2. Is Retirement for You? 

  3. When should people retire - now, in a few years, much later

  4. How many times should they think about retiring

  5. How do people prepare for it - emotionally, financially, physically

  6. How do they adapt when they have worked all their life

  7. Where do they find meaning


Retired 3 times, PAULINE FIELD, born in London, England founded the nonprofit 50/50 Leadership from which she is most recently retired, after leading the establishment of the Glendale Commission on the Status of Women.  When developing the proposal for the Commission, she realized how few women are in top leadership positions in all walks of life and as women are half the population, committed herself to women being half the leaders. 

Ep26 Pauline Field
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