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Ep29 Lee Heath

Trauma Nurse & Counsellor

Moving Towards Healing: Tools for Overcoming Anxiety and Depression with Lee Heath, Founder of Mending Minds Counselling Service

Welcome to this episode where we delve into the issues that lead to states of anxiety and depression and tools for moving towards healing using a system known as the 'Human Givens'. Our guest today is Lee Heath, the founder of Mending Minds, a counseling service. Lee has extensive knowledge and experience in treating 'older' persons affected by depression and anxiety.

Key Points:

  • Lee's experience as an emergency nurse led to becoming a counselor

  • Main reasons older persons seek assistance and trends in gender

  • Possibility of not realizing depression or anxiety

  • The language used to describe symptoms and signs in older people

  • Effects of trauma (PTSD) in the second stage of life if left unaddressed

  • Introduction to the Human Given system and how it helps clients deal with sadness and trauma

  • Duration of therapy and determinants of change

  • Services offered by Mending Minds

  • Overview of Lee Heath's self-help book "How to Really Cure Depression"

  • Words of wisdom for those experiencing signs of depression or anxietyssion is a set of mental and emotional patterns and interpersonal habits that keep us stuck in self-defeating and negative thinking ruts which reinforces a negative bias and skews our perception of the world. But with a program of holistic and integrated techniques you can turn the corner of depression and acquire new skills, new thought patterns and beliefs that will inoculate you against it. Unfortunately many people get good at hiding depression but develop unuseful habits as a result of doing that and in turn deprives you of the ability to truly recover from it and live a life of joy, meaning and healthy emotion. My work teaches you how to break and replace depressive thinking patterns with new and more effective skills and thus develop a different outlook and gives evidence-based advice to end cycles of depression.

Ep29  Lee Heath
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