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Ep30 Gena Alston

Author and Psychic Medium.

Today we’re sharing a personal story with a difference.  Meet the dynamic and unstoppable Gena Alston. Gena was born and educated in England.  Spending a great deal of her early life in the theatrical world, a serious accident took her out of dancing, and into a life of traveling the globe through her new passion… that of ice-skating.

Now in her 70’s and long since settled in Australia, Gena’s been exploring the meaning of life for over thirty years. An accumulation of wisdom which she’s personally  tried and tested, is now being shared with the many who find themselves searching for answers.

Gena has trained in the healing arts, studied many different religious beliefs and philosophical teachings, all of which she brings into her way of being. Now at her new home in Brisbane, Australia, she is involved in the metaphysical life, being a working Clairvoyant and Teacher of Awareness.

Gena say “life is precious, exciting, and that we need to step boldly into who we are, where we are, and create the magical experience of living your dream”. And today she’s going to share her wisdom for doing just that!


Q) Gena before we get into the serious teachings and wisdom that we’re excited for you to share, lets talk about the everyday nuances of getting older.

You’ve said you believe that the body is a remarkable machine that needs to be taken care of.  So…. How do you tend to this remarkable machine and how has your process changed/been adapted with the passage of time as you’ve gotten older?

(In her 70’s she decided to become a Zumba Instructor and lead routines within different Zumba classes.)

Q). Although you’ve been out of the entertainment industry for some time, are you still influenced/impacted by the body image criteria that was imposed on you at a young age…. Is there less focus on worrying about physical appearance as you’ve aged… and if not, how do you reconcile this… OR…. Is it a case of loving that part of yourself and accepting that it’s important to regardless of the reason (this question is important because there are many in the entertainment field who are plagued by insecurities and feeling the pressure to maintain a particular physical presence which is now made worse by agism)

Q). Gena you’ve been following a spiritual path for some years now… but has this always been the case… when did your spiritual journey begin in earnest.

Q) Has your spiritual journey impacted your journey through ‘getting olde’, or are you transitioning through the years without paying attention to the number of years you’ve been walking the planet.

Q) In your 60’s you decided you were going to write many many books.  One of those books is “In Pursuit of Understanding”.  What’s the focus of this self-help memoir of sorts. 

Q) Within those pages, you have passages called “Upon Reflection” …… this is a really important Segway into talking about mindset and how we cope with challenges of getting older. What’s take-away here… what do we need to develop in the face challenges as we age. 

Q) What’s next for Gena Alston?

Q) What services are currently on offer? (Are you doing reading over zoom)

Q) A few words of wisdom for any of our listeners who might be struggling to find meaning and motivation as they move through the second half of life.

Extra Bio

Gena has studied at The National Federation of Spiritual Healing, the National Federation of Healing and The White Eagle Lodge. Gena trained as a Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist, Shiatsu Teacher, and Reiki Master

Ep30 Gena Alston
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