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Ep30 Gena Alston

Author and Psychic Medium.

Meet Gena Alston, a vibrant and dynamic woman who has spent over 30 years exploring the meaning of life. Gena shares her wisdom on aging graceIully, spirituality, and the importance of taking care of our bodies. Born and educated in England, Gena spent most of her early life in the theatrical world until a serious accident redirected her passion for ice skating. Now in her 70s and living in Brisbane, Australia, Gena is a working Clairvoyant and Teacher of Awareness who has studied different religious beliefs and philosophical teachings. Gena talks about how her spiritual journey has impacted her journey through getting older and transitioning through the years without paying attention to the number of years she's been walking the planet.

In her 60s, Gena decided to write several books, including "In Pursuit of Understanding," a self-help memoir that focuses on her spiritual journey. The book's "Upon Reflection" passages provide a Segway to discussing mindset and how to cope with the challenges of aging gracefully. As a trained Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist, Shiatsu Teacher, and Reiki Master, Gena believes that life is precious and exciting, and we need to step boldly into who we are and where we are, creating a magical experience of living our dreams.

Ep30 Gena Alston
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