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Ep33 Dr Daniel Harvie

Pain Scientist and Lecturer in Physiotherapy

Dr Daniel Harvie - Pain Management

Dan is a Pain Scientist and Lecturer in Physiotherapy at the University of South Australia. His research focuses on exploring new approaches to treating persistent pain using virtual reality and sensory training approaches. Daniel is a co-author of the new book "Pain and Perception: A Closer Look at Why We Hurt" andserves on the education and committees for the Australian Pain Society, Dan also has an advisory role to

Fascinating research regarding the illusions of pain and virtual reality. It would be a so helpful for our listeners (all over the world), to hear you share your wisdom. 


-The illusions that teach us about pain

-Is what we see, hear and feel as simple as it appears to be

-How pain and perception are personal and always real

-What we get influenced by gives expectations regarding pain

-How changing perspective, change our perceptions with pain 

-To discuss the book “Pain and Perception’ a closer look at why we hurt written by you and Lorimer Moseley. 

Ep33 Dr Daniel Harvie
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