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Ep34 Dr Chris Gillespie 

Colorectal Surgeon

Understanding Pelvic Floor Dysfunction with Dr. Chris Gillespie

This episode is a must-listen for anyone experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction, seeking to learn more about the condition, its causes, and potential treatments.  Dr. Chris Gillespie, a specialist colorectal surgeon, joins as a guest to discuss common pelvic floor issues, including incontinence, constipation, and defecatory difficulties. He also sheds light on the causes, warning signs, and treatment options for these issues which can affect individuals of all ages and genders, with a higher prevalence rate in older adults.

Dr. Gillespie explains the intricate functions of the pelvic floor and its importance in the body's anatomy and physiology. He also discusses the effects of aging on the pelvic floor and how it can lead to pelvic floor disorders; common causes of these disorders, including psychological reasons and lifestyle choices; the role of pelvic floor physiotherapy in treatment; and shares non-invasive treatment options such as diet, exercise, and ways to sit on the toilet. He also explains the importance of pelvic floor kegel exercises and how to perform them correctly.

If you're considering surgical intervention, Dr. Gillespie sheds light on the potential complications and risks associated with such treatment. He also provides advice on how to manage pain associated with pelvic floor dysfunction. 

Dr. Gillespie practices at Mater Private Hospital in Brisbane and has a special interest in functional issues with the bowel, He has set up a multidisciplinary service called the Queensland Pelvic Floor Centre in Bowen Hills in Brisbane


Brisbane Colorectal

Queensland Pelvic Floor Centre


Dr Chris has particular interests in minimally invasive surgery, anal fistula, and colorectal pelvic floor disorders including faecal incontinence and defecatory dysfunction. Chris set up the colorectal pelvic floor unit at Queen Elizabeth II Hospital, now the Queensland centre for public patients with colorectal pelvic floor disorders, and this successful model is what has driven the development of the QLD Pelvic Floor Centre for private patients. He has many years of experience in investigating patients with anorectal problems using anorectal physiology and endoanal ultrasound, and is widely published in this area.

Ep34 Dr Chris Gillespie 
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