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Ep35 Nikki Lovell - Gather My Crew

Chief Executive Officer

When someone we care about is in need, it taps into a beautiful human impulse: to help. But we’re often not sure how to do that. We're worried about being pushy, intrusive or otherwise off-key.

Well-intentioned people often say, “Let me know if I can help.” For someone in need, acting on such a broad, open-ended offer is challenging and overwhelming when your energy is already being used dealing with your personal issue. Today we’re Helping People to Help People…. Because when life gets tough, community gets you through Gather My Crew gets to the heart of strengthening community by providing Australians with the tools they need to get the right help at the right time. They’re an Australian charity and emerging movement that exist to help people to help each other. We know that human connection, and providing, or receiving, the right help at the right time can make all the difference. For me, and perhaps you’ll feel the same, there were so many barriers to asking for the help I needed. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Gather My Crew is helping people, help people, including with an app that enables you to coordinate support for anyone, at any time, for free. The organisation is a credit to founder and outgoing CEO, Susan Palmer, whose incredible vision, and drive is changing how Australians ask for and coordinate help.


  1. 1.How Gather My Crew start

  2. 2.How did you come to be associated with

  3. 3.What's the psychology behind it

  4. 4.How it benefits users (giving and receiving)

  5. 5.What types of assistance are on offer

  6. 6.Which States are you in

Nikkis Story: Almost two years ago, I had my son, Jack. After a difficult birth with a long recovery ahead, friends and family sent me chocolates and baby gifts. These were lovely and appreciated. However, I desperately needed someone to mind Jack so I could attend weekly medical appointments. I craved nourishing meals as I had no capacity to cook. I am passionate about strengthening communities and the realisation of human rights. 

Ep35 Nikki Lovell - Gather My Crew
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