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Ep5 Maggie Shambrook,

Founding member HOW (Housing Older Women)

Systemic Issues and Solutions for Homeless Older Women with Maggie Shambrook

In this episode, we speak with Maggie Shambrook, a founding member of the Housing Older Women’s Movement (HOW), to shed light on the systemic issues faced by homeless older women in Australia. With an estimated 400,000 women over the age of 45 facing homelessness, Maggie educates us on why older women are at higher risk and what solutions are needed to ensure they have a safe and secure home. Maggie is a community work practitioner with over 36 years of experience in social justice and community development. Her commitment to supporting the public expression of voices affected by issues such as housing insecurity and discrimination led her to co-found HOW Movement. Through influencing public policy and housing-related systems, HOW aims to ensure every woman in Australia has a safe, secure, affordable, and amenable forever home.

In this discussion, we explore the systemic issues faced by homeless older women and the need for long-term solutions that address these issues at a societal level. Maggie shares insights on the current state of homelessness for older women, the challenges they face in accessing housing, and what steps can be taken to provide them with a secure and stable home.

Ep5 Maggie Shambrook,
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