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Ep6 Peter Whertime & Janine Quine

Partners in Crime

Peter Whertime - 94 years young - and his partner Janine Quine. Personal Story Shared. Their 30yr age gap proving that age is but a state of mind. Wisdom abounds

Born in Melbourne in 1928, 94-year-old philosopher Peter Wertheim has spent his life critically analyzing and challenging the cultural, political, and historical issues that exist in Australia – that is in the nature of a philosopher.   That ageism exists is not surprising to him, yet he will not be defined by the stereotypes that abound around being old. Conformity has never been part of Peter's life, as anyone who knows him will tell you. At 94, he continues to challenge our long-held beliefs, both unconscious and conscious despite the body feeling the ravages of age.  As he often cites, Old age is not for the faint-hearted.

Also joining Peter today is Janine Quine, his 62yr old partner, and companion of 20 years.  Among her varied positions at the Australian Catholic University, Janine’s been involved in Aboriginal literacy research, and managing Brisbane's Clemente program, which seeks to help people of disadvantage access university education.

Both Janine and Peter enjoy working together on projects that involve building community and changing perspectives.  They founded the Year for Peace organization which explored the historical, political, spiritual, and cultural factors that contribute to a lack of peace and harmony in our individual and collective lives.

They held an exhibition of Peter’s drawing, which Janine later screen printed on t-shirts with meaningful quotes and sold at markets where Peter engaged in various discussions with customers. Known as Looarte Collective, their website and social media platform contained blogs and videos that further expanded ideas that challenged current ways of thinking.

In September 2021, they started a monthly group loosely known as the Zeldin Conversation Group which is based on philosopher Theodore Zeldin’s idea that through conversations we can emerge as slightly different people. Made up of between 8 to 14 culturally, spiritually, and economically diverse people between the ages of 50 to 94, it is a community of equals who respect and learn from their individual experiences and situations. Janine and Peter welcome anyone to the group who is hungry for intelligent mindful conversation. Please get in touch with Janine to make enquires about setting up your own Zeldin Group.

Ep6 Peter Whertime & Janine Quine
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