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Ep8 Shama Persson

Founder Golden Age Models

Shama Persson and her Golden Age Models are taking on the Ageism in the Modelling World 

Meet Shama Persson…. writer, influencer, and model based in Stockholm Sweden. In May of 2022, Shama founded the 50+ Golden Age Models agency and became an active spokesperson against ageism.  Sharna says “ Age has become an asset to me, and aging doesn’t scare me. How can we resist becoming wiser, more peaceful, and more careless? Why do we try to work against time and keep proving to ourselves and others that we can still be counted on?

Shama, now 55, is a role model for men and women of all ages. She says “our True beauty lies in our essence. There’s beauty inside all of us, a beauty that we rarely see in these digital days. By gathering mature models together, we make the beauty and potential of life experience visible. Our goal is to be the natural choice for mature models and to be role models for a non-ageist society.. we’re putting age back on the map as something to honor”.

In today's episode, Shama shares with us her motivation for creating the 50+ Golden Age Models agency….. what has been the response from clients and competitors in the modeling industry….. and most importantly, what has been the personal impact on the models themselves.

  1. What was your working history before starting the agency?

  2. Was there a moment in your life.. an event.. that lead to you wanting to start the agency?

  3. You’ve said that you feel a revolution in the field of aging happening. Can you speak more about what you’re seeing and how you hope things change?

  4. What is it like to be a model over 50 years old?

  5. What's been the reception from agencies who seek models for campaigns….. are they slowly coming around or is it tokenistic and piecemeal?

  6. “I feel the time has come when we no longer conform and adjust to fit the young ideal, but we take over as the ideal”. Can you explain this?

  7. How has being a 50+ model affected the lives of the models in your agency? Many of them have not had previous modeling experience….

  8. What's next for the agency?

  9. Are there beauty routines and cosmetic enhancement procedures you follow or are you completely embracing aging in its raw form?

Ep8 Shama Persson
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