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Ep8 Shama Persson

Founder Golden Age Models

Shama Persson and the Golden Age Models: Changing the Narrative Around Aging in Modeling

Meet Shama Persson, a writer, influencer, and model based in Stockholm, Sweden. In this episode, Shama shares her motivation for founding the 50+ Golden Age Models agency and becoming a spokesperson against ageism. She believes that age is an asset and aims to make the beauty and potential of life experience visible by gathering mature models together. Shama discusses her working history, personal impact on the models, and how being a 50+ model has affected their lives. Shama also touches on the revolution happening in the field of aging and the need for a non-ageist society. She explains how the reception from agencies seeking models for campaigns is changing and why it's time to take over as the ideal instead of conforming to fit the young ideal.

In this episode, we dive into the personal and societal impact of ageism and how the 50+ Golden Age Models agency is changing the narrative around aging in the modeling world.

Ep8 Shama Persson
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