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Ep9 Rowena Clayton

Clinical Nurse and dermal therapist

Addressing Ageism Stereotypes and Common Myths in the Cosmetic Enhancement Industry (Botox) with Rowena Clayton

In this episode, we talk to clinical nurse and dermal therapist, Rowena Clayton, about the cosmetic enhancement industry and the common myths and stereotypes surrounding Botox and other cosmetic injectables. We discuss the reasons why people turn to cosmetic procedures, including the impact of ageism on their self-esteem and overall well-being. Rowena also dispels some of the common myths surrounding injectables and highlights the medical conditions that can benefit from Botox.

Show Notes:

  • Introduction to the topic of ageism and cosmetic enhancements

  • The impact of ageism on psychological and physical health

  • Rowena's journey into the cosmetic nursing industry and starting her own business

  • The growing interest in Botox and the role of ageism in this trend

  • Common myths surrounding cosmetic injectables and the truth behind them

  • Other types of injectables for softening wrinkles (Dysport and Xeomin) and their differences

  • How the various skin procedures can benefit those over 50

  • Who shouldn't have these procedures?

  • Addressing the criticisms of ageism activists towards cosmetic surgery companies

  • Rowena's approach to customizing treatments for each individual's unique needs

Ep9 Rowena Clayton
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