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Ep9 Rowena Clayton

Clinical Nurse and dermal therapist

Everyone expects their appearance to change as they grow older, and while there is a general rise in self-esteem during middle age, for some, the desire to retain a more youthful look does not fade over the years. For these people, research suggests that ‘ageism’ may have something to do with it. There are two commonly held truths… which might surprise you…. 

FIRST Ageism increases the risk of psychological distress and problems with physical health. 

AND SECOND Many cosmetic patients seek anti-aging procedures due to work-related age discrimination and feelings of alienation from ageism generally. When physical changes lead to reduced confidence for people who prefer to look younger….. it can affect how people interact with life. 

Today's guest, clinical nurse, and dermal therapist, Rowena Clayton, will … help us understand the cosmetic enhancement industry, dispel myths regarding cosmetic injectables, and shed light on the reasons why people turn to cosmetic procedures. 


What lead to you opening your own clinic? 

Although botox has been used medically for many decades, interest in this particular cosmetic Injectable is growing. Around 2.2 million people worldwide search for Botox every month. Yet, studies have shown that a desire to ‘look younger’ was the lowest reason for choosing cosmetic enhancements. So why is the desire for this procedure growing… is ageism the culprit? 

What are the myths regarding injections / cosmetic injectables? Are there any medical conditions that can benefit from Botox injectables? 

While many have heard of “Botox,” there are also other types of injectables for softening wrinkles what are they? (Dysport and also Xeomin). \ How do they differ? 

What's new in the field How do the various skin procedures you perform help the skin of those over 50? 

Who shouldn’t have these procedures? 

What do you say to the ageism activists who blame cosmetic surgery companies for spreading fear of aging in order to grow rich from others insecurities? 

How Rowena Started 

After being a clinical nurse in Cardiothoracic for 16 years, life changes demanded a change of direction! Rowena moved into cosmetic nursing 4 years ago and started her own business because her values didn’t align with the ‘big corporates’. She wanted to be able to tailor treatments to clients' needs, working personally with each individual to achieve optimal results. Rowena says that every skin has different needs and being a sole trader gives me the ability and autonomy to custom-build each service to your requirements. The key to a refreshed and youthful look is to keep it natural, to rejuvenate and enhance what makes you,.. you. Every piece of equipment she uses, each product she recommends, has been chosen for your skin needs to provide a results driven, exceptional outcome. 

Ep9 Rowena Clayton
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