A Trance Healing session can be supportive in times when we are out of balance, for example, high stress or emotional problems. 

Trance Healing works on the emotional, mental and spiritual level more than on physical problems, but still includes this level as well if a physical problem is attached to emotional, mental or spiritual problems. This is actually often the case.

We trust that in this healing process, spirit know exactly what you need. So a session is not pre-ordained and structured, rather the medium allows herself to be guided by spirit. A session might therefore be conducted in silence, or, be a talk from spirit regarding emotional/physical changes that are necessary to move you in the direction of healing most suited to your situation. 

Trance Healing
Spritual Healing with Ros McMaster


Trance Healing AUD$60

- Up to 40mins per session

- Must be paid in advance


After booking a session, you will be emailed a Paypal invoice which is to be paid 24hrs prior to your booking.

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