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Think of our circle as a Sacred Healing Space  rather than a Trance Healing practice group


It is in the "doing" that the "practice" takes place.

It is in the "doing" that our connection to our healing guides gets strengthened


Who's This Practice Circle For?

Are you a trance medium, trance healer, or student of trance?
Are you wanting to strengthen your connection to your spirit team in the trance state?

Are you looking for a group of like-minded trance mediums to sit with regularly for the purpose of practising healing and boosting your confidence in working as a healer.?

* This is not an educational trance workshop, however, we are practising and experimenting, and therefore we are learning also.

* Beginners welcome however you are required to have experience with trance blending.

What to Expect From Participation ​

  • Duration 60mins (not everybody is able to stay for the full time)

  • Each week we will start with 15-20min meditation (sitting in the power). A calm relaxed state of 'being' is integral to moving into deeper states of trance

  • Some weeks we will work as a group to offer remote/distant healing to the planet and to friends & relatives who have asked for healing

  • Some weeks we will be joined by guests who wish to receive healing

  • Some weeks we will work in "break-out" rooms, where you and your partner will take turns to blend with your spirit team and practise healing and/or other trance modalities (speaking, art etc). 

  • Occasionally we will endeavour to invite a guest trance medium to give us a talk.

Conditions of joining the circle

* circle members need to commit to attend weekly (we do understand that holidays, illness, work schedules, and the odd event will sometimes arise).  Dedication and commitment are important when working with spirit if you are to develop and strengthen your connection and the power we build within the group.

* Come with a pure heart and loving intention to be an ambassador for spirit.

* Self-doubt and insecurity will hinder your connection to spirit. Please leave them behind.

Date & Times - be aware of seasonal daylight saving changes (in brackets)


Weekly commencing August 18th

THURSDAY's for all time zones

Please contact Ros  to join the circle.  You will be sent :​

  • Zoom link for attending the circle.

  • Invitation to Messenger Group


BST  11 am                                                   (Oct 30th - 10am)

join now

Please contact Ros  to join the circle.  You will be sent a link for​

  • Zoom link for attending the circle.

  • Invitation to FB Group Page