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Ros McMaster. Counsellor. Author. Podcaster. Counsellor. Healer

Ros McMaster

Spiritual Healer

The Journey to Wellness

Like most of us, my life journey has had it's share of challenges.


Cancer, divorce, death of a loved one. I'm forever grateful for all of my experiences because I've found the gifts held within each. I'd love to share with you what I've learnt. To help you realise that you're stronger than you know. To help you breathe fully the gift of life as you find your way back to YOU - dropping the mask and living authentically.


Scary? You bet. Worth it? ABSOLUTELY!


It starts with a breath. Truly stopping, and breathing. Now that you've used these simplest of life forces to become centred, you can freely open yourself up to experiencing Love. And Joy. So grab a coffee, let's start with a conversation.

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