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Ros McMaster

Grey Nomad

Whoever said life begins at 40, hadn't turned 60 yet! 

A resounding theme of our guests on Ironing Out the Wrinkles podcast was the need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. That's where the gifts are .... on the other side of fear.  If you're looking for inspiration and motivation to take you forward through retirement, or you're thinking of becoming a grey nomad like me, then you're in the right place. 

Season 1

Aging With Grace & Postitivity

There's no topic we don't cover with the help of Psychologists, Life Coaches, Buddhist Nuns, Lawyers, Financial Planners, your peers. ...... and so much more.Ironing Out the Wrinkles Podcast is revolutionizing the way we look at aging and smashing stereotypes, one wrinkle at a time! While we're living longer and healthier lives than ever before, the thought of aging can still be daunting for many of us. Ros McMaster and her co-host Cate Shaw are here to help you embrace the beauty and wisdom that come with getting older. Ros says: "Our mission is to bring purpose and vitality back into your life. Whether you're looking to reinvent yourself or simply seeking support and guidance to navigate life's changes, we've got you covered. Our experts provide insightful advice and your peers share inspiring stories from their own wisdom, showing you that it's never too late to live your best life.

Meet Your Season 1 Hosts

Cate Shaw

Singer.  Actor.

Brisbane vocalist & actor, Cate Shaw's singing talent masters a fresh combination of Latin style, a serving of contemporary, a little jazz and a pinch of blues. She's made many appearances as an 'extra' in film and TV... something she's passionate about persuing further.


Ros McMaster

Counsellor. Author. Medium. 

Podcast creator, Ros McMaster holds a psychology degree and ran a private counseling practice specializing in relationships and grief. She's also a psychic medium and energy healer. As of February 2024, she's preparing for life as a grey nomad!

Season 2

Grey Nomad - Solo Woman Van Life

Grey nomad life is growing in popularity, and women over 50 are the biggest group to join the ranks. The reasons for choosing a solo van life in retirement are many. For some, it's a solution to homelessness. For others, it's the purposeful seeking of a new way of living in retirement - often following divorce, widow-hood, and empty-nester syndrome. Solo women face many challenges alongside a sense of accomplishment, independence, and proving to themselves that being older is not a setback.   So if you're considering taking this step to solo van life, watch this space, as I venture into the wild, interviewing solo women travellers. You'll learn why they began their journey to van life, how they navigate the ups and downs, practical tips for van design, staying safe .....  And so much more!

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