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Meet Season 1 Co-host Cate Shaw



Cate Shaw photo by herself

Cate Shaw joined me as co-host for season 1 and what a great season it was.  Cate and I see ourselves as Brisbane's Grace and Frankie given that we're so very different. I'm loud, wash my face with soap, prefer to look excitedly at what new adventures the future holds, and I looooove finding a good bargain at a thrift shop.  Cate, by contrast, is quietly spoken, reserved, favours botox and beauty routines, and holds tightly to the past and a sense that her dreams have not yet come to fruition. One newly single, the other in a committed marriage, what we have in common is our desire to challenge your fears, and ours, around the concept of getting older.

Ros McMaster and Cate Shaw podcast hosts appearing in sandgate chronicle Ironing Out the Wrinkles
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