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Ep17 Nikki Lovell - Gather My Crew

Chief Executive Officer

"Gather My Crew: Helping People to Help People During Tough Times"

We talk to Nikki Lovell, CEO of Gather My Crew, a community initiative founded in Australia in 2016 by Dr. Susan Palmer. Gather My Crew aims to provide support for people in crisis, by helping members of your community to help you in times of need (such as those dealing with illness, injury, or hospitalization). The platform offers a unique approach that enables people to offer specific and practical help to those in need, without being intrusive or pushy.

Research shows that support can have a significant impact on mental and physical health, especially during tough times. Gather My Crew's motto is "We're Helping People to Help People". Nikki will tell us how Gather My Crew works, the psychology behind it, and the benefits for users. We'll also delve into the types of assistance offered, and how you can get on board to use the associated app that enables users to coordinate support. This initiative is making a difference in people's lives. Tune in to learn more about Gather My Crew and how you can get involved.





More About CEO Nikki Lovell

Nikki Lovell is the CEO of Gather My Crew and an innate change maker who has been involved in various social impact projects throughout her life. As a child, she started a petition at her school and volunteered in Uganda as a teenager. She founded an international NGO, One Village, as a young adult and also wrote a book published by Allen & Unwin. Nikki has worked for various not-for-profit organizations, including The Salvation Army, The Australian Red Cross, Victoria Legal Aid, and Synerqistiq. She is passionate about having a positive impact on the world and creating a happier, healthier, and more resilient society. Today, Nikki is a wife, a mother, and a lover of the outdoors.

Ep17 Nikki Lovell - Gather My Crew
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