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Ep19 Kim Dunlop

The Dating Doctor

Learning How to Date Again For the over50s: Are You Pushing Away the Thing You Most Want?

As people are living longer, more and more older adults are finding themselves newly single and re-entering the dating world. However, the dating landscape is vastly different from the one they knew in their 20s and 30s. In this episode, we speak with Kim Dunlop, The Dating Doctor, about how to navigate the fears and confusion associated with finding love again in the second half of life. Kim's consultations are designed to help you be your authentic self, communicate your desires, identify your ideal partner, and develop the skills necessary to achieve your dating goals. Whether you're looking for a companion, friend, or even a no-strings-attached lover, Kim will provide you with the tools and strategies to make your dating journey a success. Join us as we explore how to unpack and sort the baggage of past relationships and find the love and companionship you desire.


  1. How has the dating landscape changed for older adults compared to their 20s and 30s?

  2. How can past relationships affect an individual's ability to find love again?

  3. How can individuals identify their ideal partner and communicate their desires effectively?

  4. What are some strategies for developing the skills necessary to achieve your dating goals?

  5. How can individuals cope with the fears and confusion associated with re-entering the dating world in the second half of life?

  6. What are some common misconceptions about dating in later life?

  7. How can individuals best prepare themselves for successful dating experiences?

Ep19 Kim Dunlop
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