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Ep22 Rachael Ooi

Principal Adviser Your Wealth Consultants

GENERAL ADVICE WARNING – The information presented by Rachael Ooi in this podcast is purely for discussion purposes only and is not the delivery of personal advice, therefore you must not act on it as such. Prior to acting on any information contained within, you should seek advice from a professional authorized adviser that takes into account your own financial circumstances, goals, and objectives.

Retirement income is a major concern for many Australians, with 62% of all ages worrying about it. In this episode, we discuss the significance of the issue and how seeking professional advice can help secure a comfortable retirement lifestyle. Our guest, Rachael Ooi, a financial planner at Your Wealth Consultants, shares her expertise on :

  • Introduction to retirement income concerns in Australia

  • Top 5 financial tips for a smooth transition to retirement

  • Managing anxiety about drawing down retirement savings and dealing with market crashes

  • Preparing for retirement and estimating retirement needs

  • Pros and cons of gifting money or helping the family financially

  • Common traps retirees fall into

  • Recent changes to Centrelink and their impact on retirees

  • Pros and cons of downsizing your home after 55

  • "Fact or fallacy" retirement myth-busting game

Ep22 Rachael Ooi
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