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Ep28 Suzanne Linkroum


Setting Healthy Boundaries with Adult Children: Breaking Free from the Enabling Trap Today Psychologist Suzanne Linkroum, Clinical Director for Waypoint Wellness Center in Maryland USA, is discussing the importance of setting healthy boundaries with adult children. It is natural for parents to want to help their adult children, but sometimes, good intentions can lead to unintended negative consequences. Suzanne provides us with valuable insights into the difference between supporting and enabling, and how to recognize when we are engaging in unhealthy helping.

Episode Show Notes:

I. Introduction

  • Natural instinct of parents to help their adult children

  • Importance of setting healthy boundaries to avoid enabling

II. Supporting vs. Enabling

III. Harmful Effects of Enabling

IV. Achieving Win-Win Situations

V. Overcoming the Enabling Trap

Ep28 Suzanne Linkroum
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