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What Cost Peace and Serenity?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

What Cost Peace and Serenity? Blog photo of girls staring out of a window with serene vibe

Serenity is the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. Do you long to experience this deep sense of peace within? Are you struggling to find serenity in your own life? For many I dare say the answer is yes. Perhaps you have tried and given up? Attainment of serenity required changes in perceptions, attitudes, and life choices which you weren't yet ready for.

The attainment of serenity entails stripping away the layers of falsehoods, of masks that have been built up over many years. Attainment of serenity surely comes at a cost.

Serenity's cost is in 'letting go'.

Letting go of fear, control, wanting, expectation. Letting go of the belief that you are lacking in some way... fear of not being 'enough'. "Enough of what?"... I ask you. Enough by whose standard? Are you kind... are you honest... do you practice what you preach... are your intentions driven by love? These are the standards from which to take your inspiration, your guidance. Your inner voice will be you compass, your barometer moving forward. Not the voices of others' expectations of you.

Letting go of arrogance, for this too is driven by fear. It is a disillusionment that causes you to believe you are better than, be it in wealth, status, race, knowledge etc. The fear is that should you possess none of these, you too will be nothing, and must therefore compensate so.

Letting go of masks. Stripped away of masks, what is left? Oh... the fear of vulnerability. The fear of invisibility. You say to yourself, "If I am not something... then I am nothing." Of course, this is not true. Yet it is most challenging to rid ourselves of our illusions. Let go then of the need for validation. Let go of toxic friendships. Let go of needing your loved ones to fill the place of unmet parental love.

When you begin the process of 'letting go', when you shed the layers of masks and falsehoods that you have come to see as your identity, you will indeed feel unsteady. Vulnerable. Alone. Lonely. You may experience anger. Anger is but a shield against grief. Grief over the loss of old familiar ways of being in the world. Familiar is safe is it not.

But what cost is it to stay where you are... trapped in fear? A deficit in health and happiness I would suggest. The absence of Serenity most certainly. If you are patient, if you are willing, serenity will send you on an unshakeable path to a life fulfilled. Priceless wouldn't you say.

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Disclaimer If you have suffered severe mental, physical, emotional abuse as an adult or a child, you will be well advised to seek the assistance of a professional psychologist to help deal with the effects of abuse.  This web site, blogs & podcasts, and the counselling offered by me are offered under the assumption that you have already begun your healing journey, and are now ready to move more fully into taking responsibility for yourself.  Ready to begin developing self-worth, self-love, and are interested in finding the gifts in the adversity you have faced.

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