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Ep 38 Ven. Lozang Tsultrim (Australian Buddhist Nun)

Karuna Hospice Counsellor & Podcast Host "Let's Talk About Death"

Embracing Impermanence: A Buddhist Approach to Dying Well with Tsultrim from Karuna Hospice Service

In this season finale episode of "Ironing out the Wrinkles", Ros McMaster and Cate Shaw speak with Tsultrim, an Australian Buddhist nun and counsellor at Karuna Hospice Service in Brisbane, about the Buddhist philosophy of accepting impermanence and letting go of attachment. They delve into practical skills in compassionate care and support for the dying and their families, and the importance of preparing emotionally and spiritually for death.

Tsultrim shares her extensive experience, knowledge, understanding, and insights into the important field of palliative care, providing a Buddhist perspective and how her faith guides her work. They discuss topics such as why people are afraid to talk about death, what the dying are most afraid of, and how to help patients who are struggling with fear and anxiety about death.

They also explore the importance of emotional well-being at the time of passing and how to prepare for it, regardless of one's spiritual beliefs. Tsultrim explains the significance of contemplative practices, such as meditation and mindfulness, in preparing for death. Additionally, they discuss how Tsultrim works with patients from different religious backgrounds or those who may not be religious at all.

This episode offers valuable insights and guidance for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of dying well and provides a Buddhist perspective on embracing impermanence.

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Ep 38  Ven. Lozang Tsultrim (Australian Buddhist Nun)
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